Our Values

Our organisational values are an integral part of promoting and advancing our clients’ ESG strategies and sustainability goals, as well as keeping our focus on the future of the shipping industry. 


Our Values


Ethos Shipmanagement is encouraging and inclusive, and we make it our mission to advocate for human rights, celebrate diversity, and create a culture where the rights of our employees are fully protected and valued.

By encouraging a supportive working environment, we give rise to strong collaboration and cohesive teamwork that unites us together toward achieving our key objectives. We challenge each other to be better every day, and by doing so, we hold each other accountable and share in our greatest successes. 

It is this enduring commitment to upholding our values that allows us to mitigate risk and work toward our goal of zero incidents, all while serving as responsible stewards of the earth, marine life, the world’s oceans, and the air we breathe.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
leads to trust.


The first chapter, in the book of wisdom.


A sustainable fuel for driving our ambition.


Success is best when it is shared.

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