We are Ethos Shipmanagement

Our ethical approach is not just a vision.
Ethos Shipmanagement is a startup shipmanagement company founded by shipping professionals. 




In 2022, our founders began purposeful discussions that would eventually turn into the concept for the formation of Ethos Shipmanagement. At the heart of the shipping industry, there was room for a fresh and modern approach that would keep maritime safety as the primary focus, while enhancing future opportunities with integration of technological advancements.

The ship management industry is more relevant than ever before, as ship operators continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-increasing regulatory and practical challenges in running a seagoing vessel. Our goal in creating Ethos Shipmanagement was to create an organisation that was fully aligned with the modern technology and sustainability goals of our clients, while also honoring the traditional shipping values that have led the maritime industry for centuries.

Our brand is built on ethical management, and our Company name serves as an enduring reminder of why we do what we do. Our clients trust us completely, and we serve as a seamless extension of their team to ensure we consistently represent them with reliable services and responsible business practices. We are passionate, purposeful, and intentional, committed to showcasing our values, retaining our clients, and forming long-term partnerships built on honesty, reliability, and dependability.

We consistently strive to advance the technological revolution of the ship management industry, embracing the precise capabilities and unmatched accuracy provided by digitalisation and modern software progressions. By incorporating the latest innovations and industry advancements, it is our ongoing mission to reduce harmful emissions, increase energy efficiency of operations, and take measures that promote shipping decarbonisation.

Through it all, the protection and safety of our seafarers, staff, cargo, and vessels remains our top priority. Our team is our greatest asset, and our commitment to ongoing training and long-term retention of seafarers will undeniably advance our mission into the future.




To contribute to making shipping more ethically responsible through the way we conduct our business, our care and protection of the marine environment, and our commitment to the enduring safety and welfare of our people.


To provide high quality ship management services and enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage through consistent support of their sustainability goals.
For us, our business is about creating personal relationships that are built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, trust, and straightforward communication.




Our values are the genetic code of our Company, and without them we are simply sailing without a compass.



A sustainable fuel for driving our ambition.


Success is best when it is shared.


The first chapter, in the book of wisdom.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles leads to trust.

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