Ethos Shipmanagement celebrates Maritime Cyprus 2022, with an evening reception

On October 12th 2022, we celebrated Maritime Cyprus 2022, and the launch of our Company along with a few special friends. It was a greatly anticipated event from our side, as we are proud for what we plan to offer to the industry and our future clients. Sharing our excitement and seeing the response from the people who joined us in that celebration was truly heart-warming. 

As a start-up, it is very motivating to know that you have the support and the tools needed to thrive in this industry. We are grateful for the team of Ethos and our friends. We have so much planned for the future, and we look forward to more events and creating collaborations. Ethos Shipmanagement will absolutely be a visible and valuable member of the maritime industry and we look forward to sharing our successes in the years to come. 

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